SMW Windows from Clement Windows

SMW Windows

The Standard Metal Window (SMW) ‘F’ Series window range has been manufactured since the 1920s.¬†Available only single glazed, SMW windows are primarily used today for sensitive replacement work in Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings, where a precise geometric match is required and double glazing is not an option.

Windows from Clement’s SMW range use a single pane of glass, which can be up to 10mm thick.¬†Silicone fronted for an authentic appearance and low maintenance, they use single point locking, an external hinge and simple weather stripping detail.

  • Single glazed up to 10mm
  • Traditional single point locking with an external hinge and simple weather stripping detail
  • Silicone fronted for authentic appearance and low maintenance
  • Various glazing options
  • Supplied shaped, with shaped heads, or ‘curved on plan’