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Case Study: Private Residence - Woking, Surrey

Project Synopsis: Private residence revitalised with stylish leaded light windows

The original steel windows had come to the end of their life in this glorious 1930s property in Woking. However for their seventy years they had done a pretty good job! The owners wanted to replace the existing windows with steel framed replacements (rather than using an alternative material such as aluminium, which would not retain the slim elegant lines of the existing steel).

The Clement EB24 range, with single point locking was chosen by the clients as the most appropriate window, offering almost exact replication of their old windows but with energy saving benefits.

The team at Clement paid great attention to detail to ensure the diamond lead design on the originals was replicated on the new window. However, the replacement windows have the benefit of being double glazed (rather than the single glazed originals), offering enhanced thermal and acoustic performance.

The client chose the EB24 single point locking system for the windows. Classic S peg stays and handles were selected to match the retained fixtures as well as weld on pear drop hinges. Multi point locking was chosen for the stunning double leaf French patio double doors, offering enhanced security to BS7950.

Private Residence - Woking, Surrey