thumbnail_Internal view of the EB24 multi point locking systemIn any home, safety and security are always of the utmost importance. Windows are one of the most important factors in securing your home but are all too often overlooked in favour of other security systems. Windows are often the most fragile, and therefore easiest, points of entry for unwelcome visitors in your home.

With this in mind, it is important to make sure that your metal windows are up to scratch when it comes to security.

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Spring sunshine is here which means it’s time to get outdoors again and start admiring our houses. What better way to maximise your property’s curb appeal by remodelling your windows before the spring and summer party season is in full swing?

The Clement EB24 high performance steel window range is a versatile and elegant best selling fenestration solution for property and business owners across the UK. The EB24 range is frequently specified by architects for Listed Buildings, houses in Conservation Areas, traditional homes and heritage projects and large scale commercial schemes.


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Clement Newsletter April 2016For some inspiration why not read our latest newsletter…

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Space saving tips and techniques have become staple design features online and in print to provide modern living solutions for homeowners. Light, bright touches can make a difference to the way we feel inside a space, but after years of experience inside residential and commercial buildings, the Clement Windows team feel that many homeowners are missing a trick!

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The most current interior design trends have displayed a vibrant mix of eclectic but tasteful styles that can be easily transferred into any residential and commercial space. We discuss how metal windows, doors and screens can be used to complement, or strategically contrast, a finished design to bring a room to life.


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