5 Window Replacement Benefits to Enjoy All Year Round

June 11th, 2015

Replacing old, existing windows is an important home improvement to heighten the value of your home. Modern buyers now expect energy efficient, attractive windows as standard.  Here are five reasons to consider replacing your tired windows in 2015.


Added value

If you’re thinking of selling your property, replacing your existing windows is an affordable way to increase the value. According to the Henry Adams estate agency in Sussex, just the additional feature of double glazed windows can increase the value of your home by up to 10%.

Steel windows or metal windows are of course even more valued due to their fantastic good looks and known longevity, adding to your property’s charm and ensuring little or no maintenance for years to come.  All Clement steel window ranges, such as EB24, are crafted to your own individual requirements.

Improved comfort

Noise reduction and safety features create a comfortable and secure home for rest and relaxation. Clement offer a range of slim and elegant steel windows that reduce outside noise by using specialist glass.

By using different glass specifications UV rays can be reduced which can protect your interior furnishings from fading over time such as wallpaper, material and even your floors.

Reducing your bills

Switching to double glazed fittings can reduce your window heat loss by up to 74% and reduce your energy bills in equal measure. The average family could save more than £100 with the help of an extra pane of glass – a particularly welcome lump sum after 11 years of price rises above national household incomes. According to Ofgem figures in 2013, energy consumption has reduced by 20% during the past ten years as insulated fittings have become more efficient.


Thanks to design and finishing improvements, current window products offer low maintenance features that are easier and quicker to clean. As part of our expert service, Clement steel frames are hot dip galvanised to protect the window from rust and corrosion. They are then coated in a polyester powder paint to offer our customers great longevity and low maintenance finishes.

Curb appeal

Steel doors, windows and screens are gaining a reputation as a fresh trend in 2015, transforming commercial buildings and homes into bright, open spaces that increase the flow of natural light. All Clement steel windows, steel doors and conservation rooflights are made from recycled material and due to their inherent strength will most likely outlive the building they are fitted into!

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