Inspiring office interior design

November 12th, 2019

Following on from our recent blog on creating a workspace that harnesses a positive atmosphere and contributes to productivity, we’re taking a closer look this month at some of the top interior design aspects that can help to stimulate just such an environment.

1. Unique identities

For the workforce of 2019 and beyond, it is no longer enough to just have a nicely decorated or stylish office. Modern office design should seek to reflect brand identity and create a sense of belonging, whether through office architecture, interior design or the style of the furnishings chosen.

Take a look at one of our favourite projects. Bert & May reflects its values of design and tradition in its striking London showroom with a juxtaposition of a Clement W20 steel and glass office partition, reclaimed tiles and wooden panels.

Inspiring office interior design

2. The ‘non-office’

A recent article by Inc.[1] explores the concept of cosy, lobby spaces or comfortable lounge furniture to reflect modern styles of working, acknowledging the way that hotel lobbies are often filled with people working on laptops.

With the idea of this ‘non-office’ in mind, we were reminded of our project The Lounge at Twickenham Studios and how the different types of space within this environment can fulfil this concept. Soft lighting, social areas and comfortable yet modern furniture dominate in this space, together with the Clement EB24 steel windows and door which open out onto a breezy terrace with spectacular views.

The Lounge at Twickenham Film Studios

3. Old meets new

Another key trend in workplace design sees the modern office adapting to its original bricks and mortar surroundings and overlaying its own character and modern touches whilst staying true to the history of the foundations.

The iconic Battersea Power Station is the perfect example of a project where old and new are blended to create a stunning space that celebrates the building’s heritage, whilst providing comfortable, modern areas to meet, work and socialise. Our Clement EB24 steel door and screens maximise the amounts of natural light flooding the building and provide modern thermal performance and a distinct industrial look that looks right at home at this London landmark.

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