Metal Windows Become a Mainstream Feature in 2015

Metal framed windows and screens have become a dominant interior design trend in 2015, transforming a once niche market into a mainstream mainstay used by architects and designers. Sleek, beautiful steel windows have been enjoyed by heritage and traditional property owners for decades, however, the use of interior steel screens in particular have been utilised in 21st century residential homes and commercial spaces to add a contemporary edge.

Since steel windows were first conceived in the 1880s, the fenestration style has been on quite a journey, enjoying a heyday during the art deco era and adorning most properties in the 1930s, both big and small from the grandest public buildings in Whitehall to a modest semi-detached in Surbiton. Changing times then resulted in a dip in popularity as attractive pieces were slowly replaced by PVC and aluminium counterparts. However, during the past ten years alone, the tide has turned in the industry as their beauty has once again been recognised and promoted to great effect – the results of which are displayed in a variety of 2015 lifestyle features inside modern developments across the UK. The high number of internal screens seen today sit alongside the once dominant heritage market – as a popular method to adhere to an original architectural style – to establish a commonplace, metal framed era that has the whole industry talking.

Clement cannot be beaten on choice, quality or expertise for metal window installation. We are also renowned for our beautiful purpose made metal doors and screens which are popular in the UK and internationally, every month our steel windows are exported to the USA. A set of streamlined metal windows will give your property extra curb appeal and added selling features, like lower energy bills, noise reduction and modern, low maintenance features, add a level of quality and comfort that older windows simply do not provide.

Here are two examples of recent Clement Windows projects that display how metal windows can transform a property:

Winter’s Grace, Surrey 

Photography by Laura Kelly, LSK Photo.

This stunning Grade II listed building in leafy Surrey was once home to Alfred Hitchcock at the height of his fame; he named the property after two of his favourite actresses: Shelley Winters and Grace Kelly. In 2012, its new owners decided to update the former Tudor farmhouse for modern, residential use. Clement Brooking & SMW suites of steel windows were used to match the building’s highly valuable history and were adapted around the property to suit its original aesthetics.

The use of metal windows in an older build demonstrates how these established features can sit alongside a variety of architectural styles and details. The project is also a key example of how Clement Windows work closely with clients to create bespoke pieces; we delivered a range of finishes for this complex order which led to continued work.  In fact the same builder has just ordered more Clement steel windows for the restoration of ‘Undershaw’ in Hindhead, Surrey where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived and wrote ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’.

Briarwood Road, Clapham


The architect, Le Corbusier (who regularly specified steel windows), once said, “all buildings should be white.” While his concrete legacy in the UK divides opinion, bright, white design has found its place in many of the UK’s newest developments, particularly within urban properties as a way to add space and light.

As you can see in the image above, the installation of black, matt, double height metal windows in this private residence in London’s SW4 creates a dramatic contrast to the ivory white walls that surround it. This particular Clement project, completed in the Spring of 2015, displays how metal windows in a modern space can become a practical architectural feature which adds character and value to a property.

James Munro, director at Granit Chartered Architects, also noted: “Clement’s…window is a fantastic looking, high quality product that added the contemporary industrial aesthetic that our client was looking for.”

Click here for more stunning images of this project.

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