Metal Windows – Working in Harmony With Your Period Property

June 29th, 2016

Dealing with period properties always presents a unique set of challenges. Usually the biggest issues arise in maintaining the integrity of the architecture when making changes or updating different features. These same issues occur time and again when owners of period properties need to replace or restore their old metal windows, so what can you do to make the process easier?

1. Clement EB24 leaded steel windows

The eyes of the house

Windows are often described as the ‘eyes of the building’ so it should come as no surprise to hear that windows can truly define the character of the whole house. When choosing the right metal window it is important to understand the architecture of your property and to get to grips with its character.

Windows should work in harmony with the building rather than being a total mismatch or a completely overwhelming feature. For beautiful metal windows, it is usually best to replace ‘like for like’. In other words, try where possible to have windows designed to match your current ones. If this isn’t possible, window designs should be inspired by the age and style of the rest of the architecture of your home.

Another crucial step is to discuss replacing metal windows with your local planning authority, especially if your property is listed. This will ensure that your metal windows retain the historical character of the building and have the necessary permissions that are required.

3 The beautiful Grade ll Listed Mount Saint Bernard Abbey with Clement EB20 steel windows

Hiring a FENSA registered company, like Clement, will help to ensure sensitivity to the historical architecture of your period property. A FENSA qualification will guarantee the company’s expertise in fitting high quality, energy saving metal windows. This will help you with the planning acceptance process as well.

A window for every style

The creation and use of metal windows date back to medieval times; many period properties are already equipped with some kind of metal window, so creating one that gels with period style is not difficult. However, original metal windows are not galvanised and often need replacing.

Newer metal windows, post 1960, especially those made of steel are now hot dip galvanised and offer exceptional stability and strength, producing a highly energy-efficient and low maintenance product. Steel is also one of the most versatile metals and can be moulded into a wide range of different styles. Additionally, Clement’s windows and doors are made from recycled steel source material.

Conservation specialists

4. What a quaint property, retaining its character with replacement Clement metal windows

Clement are equally as versatile. All of our windows are bespoke to suit your needs and the style that your property requires. We are specialists in replicating original steel and metal windows on heritage properties with technically advanced, up to date reproductions.  Because of this, we understand the sensitivity required to create harmony between your period property and new metal windows and ensure you’ll get a stunning result every time.

Our team have years of experience working with conservation and heritage projects. Clement have various steel window ranges designed to replicate whatever age or type of metal window you have.  To find out more about how we can help you please do not hesitate to call us on 01428 643 393 or drop us an email us at