Winter preparation – How to clean your steel windows and doors

November 9th, 2021

Steel windows and doors are generally very low maintenance. However, with the winter months ahead, it is best practice to carry out some routine cleaning and upkeep to ensure they’re doing the job of keeping your home safe and warm.

There are several benefits to steel windows and doors. As steel is one of the most strong and durable materials available, the longevity of correctly designed and constructed steel frames can be enhanced if good maintenance practices are observed.


Regular maintenance will ensure your steel windows are in the best condition for the winter months ahead.

Clement’s windows, doors, screens and rooflights are hot-dip galvanised and coated with a strong polyester powder paint to prevent rusting, but it is still vital to keep the frames clean to ensure they last well.

We’ve put together a list of some essential winter maintenance and cleaning tips to ensure your steel windows and doors remain in the best condition to take on the wet and windy months ahead:

Keeping your steel windows, doors, screens and rooflights clean

What you’ll need:

  • Bucket
  • Five litres minimum of warm water
  • Microfibre cloth – strictly no abrasive materials
  • Mild detergent / specialised cleaning liquid
  • Telescopic window squeegee cleaners with extending pole
  • Wax polish (for brass polished and lacquered fittings)
  • Oil

6 months check-up recommendation

We recommend that the key to protecting and maintaining your steel windows, doors, screens and rooflights is through regular checks. For steel frames within an everyday home environment, we would recommend carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance checks at least every six months.

We would also recommend keeping a record of all maintenance carried out as this will assist in the event of a warranty claim.

The priority when cleaning steel frames is to understand the differences between the cleaning techniques for a glass window surface, a polyester powder paint finish or bronze, brass and lacquered fittings.

Glass windows and chrome fittings:

We would recommend using a very small amount of mild detergent and mixing this with five litres of warm water.  This is suitable for both inside and outside. Ensure that once you have washed down the surface you dry the area with a microfibre cloth to prevent any excess moisture or soap build-up.

Paint finishes:

Similar to our suggestions for cleaning and maintaining glass windows, a mild detergent that has been fully diluted with warm water is the best cleaning aid. It is especially important with painted surfaces to ensure you do not use any abrasive materials and that you pay particular attention to the pressure applied when cleaning these surfaces in order to maintain the integrity of the paintwork.

Oiling hinges:

We would recommend carrying out oil maintenance a minimum of every 6 months. This should include all moving parts of your steel frames, from the handles and peg stays, to hinges and bolt locks. Over time, the paint on hinges may begin to wear and flake due to movement, however, we would recommend that you continue to oil all hinges to ensure the movement of these fixtures remains smooth.


We recommend oiling hinges every six months.

General window maintenance:

It is essential to allow fresh air into the building when avoiding damp and condensation build-up. By keeping your peg stays (the part of your steel window that allows the window to be kept open at a pre-defined distance) on the stay pin when your window is open, you will also prevent unnecessary movement of the casement and reduce the risk of any damage to the window.

Cleaning hard to reach areas (rooflights):

When it comes to cleaning steel windows, doors, screens or rooflights, some areas are hard to reach, either because they are at an awkward angle, or they are very tall. Fortunately, there are several products available to buy that will make cleaning hard to reach areas easier. One that we have been told by numerous customers is particularly effective is the telescopic window squeegee cleaners. These come with a long extendable pole and can be used for both internal and external glass. 

Brass polished and lacquered fittings:

We would recommend polishing with a good quality wax polish every two to three weeks to maintain the appearance of lacquered fittings.


Applying a good quality wax polish regularly will help to maintain the appearance of window fittings.

If you’d like to discuss the maintenance of your steel frames, a copy of our Operating & Maintenance Manual, or you’d like to request more information about the fitting of our bespoke steel windows, doors, screens or rooflights in your home or commercial space, get in touch