The Clement Windows Group

The Clement Windows Group

The Clement association with the steel window industry began when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

Thomas Edward Clement worked as an apprentice metalworker and glazier on the new Crystal Palace in 1851 and five generations of Clements have worked with steel windows and glass since.

We are very proud of the association the name enjoys with quality and excellence shown by the number of landmark buildings both at home and abroad where steel windows by Clement can be seen.These include Bonhams Auction House in London, Norwich City Hall and the Eldorado, an outstanding apartment building on the edge of Central Park, New York.

Past projects successfully completed and satisfied clients are of course important as is evidenced by our many case studies. In addition it is the future that really excites us and the team at Clement is outstanding. We have a terrific blend of youth and experience combined with a desire to provide excellence at all levels.

At Clement we pride ourselves on the manufacture of high quality products, made from recycled steel and manufactured in our own ISO 9001 approved factory. We are committed to meeting the ever changing demands of clients and the wider industry, developing innovative products that are visually stunning yet attain the exacting standards of Building Regulations.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your personal requirements.

Peter Clement, CEO

Michael Haan, Chairman