We specialise in replicating existing heritage metal windows, helping you to maintain the original character of your property.

Whether your project is a Listed Building or a modern new build, a residential home or an office block, we have a steel window range to suit your requirements.

We offer our residential clients five different ranges of heritage-style steel windows – EB24, EB20, EB16, SMW and Brooking – and all of these are also available to our commercial clients, together with our W20, W40 and MW40 ranges.

Several of these window ranges are suitable for heritage refurbishment projects where metal windows are required.

Clement is also able to manufacture and install cold formed steel systems by Jansen which offer aesthetically pleasing slim profiles and improved energy efficiency.

Please select the metal window range you are interested in below to access more detailed information and to view case studies.

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Clement EB16 Windows


EB16 metal windows have been created specifically for use in sensitive fenestration projects where a traditional steel window look is required.  Externally glazed, they are frequently specified for use in Conservation Areas or dwellings of historic interest.

Clement EB20 Windows


A versatile and popular product for residential and commercial situations. These are exceptionally slender, high specification steel windows that can be crafted to your specific requirements, designed to replicate the appearance of existing or original steel windows.

Clement EB24 Windows


Exceptionally slender, high specification steel windows for residential and commercial situations. These windows can be crafted to your specific requirements, designed to replicate the appearance of existing or original windows.

Clement SMW Windows


SMW is a single glazed steel window which is used primarily for sensitive replacement work in historic buildings where double glazing may not be an option.

Clement Brooking Windows


The Brooking range is a specialist range of steel windows which was developed for high value refurbishment projects or specialist architectural situations where a particular ‘putty fronted’ system is required.

Clement W20 Windows


W20 steel windows were originally developed in the 1960s and may still be used in all types of building today.

Clement W40 Windows


Developed during the 1990s as a successor to W20, W40 steel windows are generally specified for larger projects such as commercial/industrial schemes and public buildings.

Clement MW40 Windows


MW40 offers a similar profile to W40, but allows for a larger glass unit to be included. Predominantly specified for commercial schemes requiring steel windows.

Clement Jansen Window


Our Jansen steel profiles combine slender, elegant window frames with the added benefits of thermal insulation and extra security.

Clement Naked Steel


Naked Steel windows are perfect if you are trying to create an ‘industrial’ look. Available rusted, shot blasted, clear lacquered, galvanised or just painted, it is really up to you and what you want to achieve.


Clement Steel Windows Glazing


We offer five different styles of glazing, from clear glass, to genuine lead in an arrangement to match the pattern of your original leaded lights, to the G+ and Fenestra joint systems which are unique to Clement. All of these options have superb features which faithfully replicate those of original steel windows.

Clement Steel Windows Colours


Our steel windows are hot dip galvanized and available in a choice of highly durable Akzo Nobel powder paint colours. Clement Windows provide an average paint coating in excess of 100 microns on flat surfaces – the industry standard calls for 60/70 microns. Order from a wide range of RAL colours to match your scheme or choose different colours for the inside and outside of your windows.

Clement Windows Accessories


Browse a select range of accessories which perfectly complement our stunning steel windows, doors and screens. Carefully crafted in a number of different styles and available in a choice of colours and finishes, our range of handles and other fittings are made from the finest quality materials and manufactured with the latest technology in mind.