Clement Windows Group is an exciting, innovative and developing business rooted in the UK with manufacturing operations in Poland.

Clement’s factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved facilities which are owned by a Polish subsidiary of the UK Group. We established our operations in Poland because of the high quality of the galvanising and paint facilities and services there and the skill sets of individuals available for bespoke manufacturing. Our cutters, welders and glaziers are trained specialists capable of producing up to 800 new windows and doors a week.

We have established relationships with world leading partners who can match the high standards we insist upon. Among these are the global leaders for galvanising and polyester powder coat paint. We have links with Jansen’s systems suppliers – Jansen are one of the leading producers of cold-formed thermally broken steel systems – and we are a partner to the AGC/Panasonic joint venture on FINEO, a high specification vacuum glazing which outperforms double glazing when it comes to u values.

Window and door products manufactured by Clement Windows Group are sold into the USA and across Europe.

Examples of our work can be seen at the Eldorado apartment building on the edge of Central Park in Manhattan, New York, and at the Nyhavn Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.