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Steel windows rejuvenate stunning mid 19th century Gothic style building

Eric Anderson, Building Surveyor at Synergy Construction & Property Consultants LLP summarises the success of this project for all involved: “Dealing with Clement Windows Projects was refreshingly different. Their approach was total commitment to achieving promises and targets made throughout the project ensuring that business relationships were pleasant, rewarding and successful for all concerned. The cooperation and positive attitude of their staff at all levels made this project a great success”.

Virgo Fidelis Convent School was founded in 1848 to offer a place of refuge and education to Catholic orphans. Previously this stunning building was known as Norwood House, the residence of socialite Mary Nesbitt, who welcomed King George III as a guest. The beautiful Gothic style, club head windows with feature tear drops are a main feature of the building. The original single glazed windows were made from cast iron, offering very poor thermal performance and minimal security. After 100 years the time had come to replace them. Project managers Synergy Construction & Property Consultants were seeking a window system that could not only replicate the original design but would also meet modern performance criteria. Clement’s EB24 window range met these requirements.

Much care went into the formation of the new intricate window patterns. The glass used not only had to replicate the existing complex templates but also had to be thermally efficient. In order to achieve this, 24mm insulated glass units were used for the majority of the replacement windows. Silicone fronting was selected to replicate the putty fronting of the original windows.

The original cast iron windows brought with them both advantages and challenges to the team at Clement. Due to the nature of the original casting process, every window frame was exactly the same size (as they had all been made from the same mould). However, removing the old and fitting the new windows proved to be quite a test. When the original windows were installed, the stone surrounds were close fitted around them, meaning every window had to be cut out and removed piece by piece so as not to damage any of the original façade. The quality of the final work is a testament to the skill of the Clement installation team.

Academic Buildings - Virgo Fidelis Convent School - Upper Norwood