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Norwich City Hall: Another perfect delivery of steel windows into a listed restoration project

Clement have now completed their third phase of works at Norwich City Hall, an Art Deco building completed in 1938 and designed by architects Charles Holloway James and Stephen Rowland Pierce.

The architects designed for the people of Norwich an Art Deco public building of national significance. It was built to the highest standards, using the superior materials and methods of its day. Even the bricks were specially made, each one being two inches longer than usual to better reflect the proportions of the finished building.

Over the years many Art Deco buildings have lost their hallmark fixtures and fittings, but Norwich retains many of its original features. This is particularly fortunate as the furniture, light fittings and other details throughout the building were designed by the architects themselves.

Clement replaced the original steel windows in this listed property with new Clement W20 windows, improving energy efficiency and security whilst retaining the character of this wonderful landmark building.

Morgan Sindall, the main contractors on the project, have awarded Clement a Perfect Delivery Certificate for the works carried out.

Offices - Norwich City Hall