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Case Study: Waltham Forest Town Hall

Over two hundred new steel windows manufactured for Grade II listed Town Hall

The early 20th century saw the development of a distinct architectural movement often termed ‘Stripped Classicism’. Running in tandem with the Modernist Movement of the Bauhaus School, the movement strove for bold massings, severe angles and a stylised reduction of classical elements. This style was frequently chosen by governments when designing official buildings.

Perhaps the best known example of this type of architecture in the UK is the Grade II Listed Waltham Forest Town Hall, the headquarters of the London Borough of Waltham Forest Town Council. Designed by architect Philip Hepworth, construction of the building began in 1938 but was interrupted by the Second World War and so not completed until 1942.

In 2019 the council approved an extensive programme of renovation works to the Town Hall which included the replacement of all the original steel windows. Clement W20 steel windows were chosen as the right product for their quality. The new white windows include both top hung and side hung opening casements with complementary fittings in a dark bronze finish.

Senior Project Manager at Waltham Forest Town Hall John Cattermole said:

“The team at Clement provided a great service in supplying new windows as part of the Town Hall refurbishment. Very specific aesthetic and energy performance criteria needed to be met when it came to the window replacement. The W20 windows supplied by Clement were able to meet all of these requirements.

Despite the project being on site at the height of the pandemic, the windows were delivered to programme which enabled seamless installation. Now the building has been brought back into use really positive feedback has been received from both staff and visitors.”

The project won the RIBA London Award 2023 and was a Civic Trust Award 2023 winner.

Waltham Forest Town Hall

Waltham Forest Town Hall

Waltham Forest Town Hall

Waltham Forest Town Hall