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Case Study: St Paul’s Church – Leeds

Project Synopsis: Striking steel door screen and matching window for Church renovation

St Paul’s Church in Leeds has been transformed with the addition of a large, bespoke steel door screen and feature steel window. The screen incorporates a pair of double doors, providing light and airiness. Both the new steel window and door set are made from Clement EB24 steel sections which include double glazed, argon filled glass units.

Mark Harlow, the Vicar, said "St Paul’s Church embarked on a major refurbishment of their 60 year old building to make a warm and welcoming, adaptable space while keeping to the original architect’s ideas. A key part of the brief was to widen the entrance corridor and allow light into one end. This has all been more than achieved using Clement’s metal frame windows and doors. These have helped create an additional space for people to meet and mix. The narrow profile of the frames has allowed maximum light and visual access between the spaces, while the rhythm of the glazing bars both modernise and blend with the architecture of the main worship space."

St Paul’s Church – Leeds

St Paul’s Church – Leeds