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Case Study: Nyhavn Hotel - Copenhagen, Denmark

Project Synopsis: Luxurious, historic hotel crowned with bespoke Clement Conservation Rooflights

71 Nyhavnis a luxury hotel housed within two historic buildings built in the early 1800s in Copenhagen, Denmark. Known as The Red Warehouse and The Yellow Warehouse respectively, both the buildings are protected due to their historical significance. Over the last two years, The Red Warehouse has undergone a major refurbishment.

Clement tile profile Conservation Rooflights were chosen for their good looks and flush finish to retain the character and charm of the building.

The client chose a bespoke rooflight, opting for top hung instead of side hung opening escape rooflights.

Not only do these rooflights allow masses of natural light to flood through the hotel rooms, but they also serve as an escape route, being fitted with gas springs for emergency use.

This project was managed by our supplier in Denmark – SaxoSolutions.

Nyhavn Hotel - Copenhagen, Denmark