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New steel doors and windows for Grade II listed project in historic market town

Clement EB24 steel windows, doors and screens were the ideal choice of fenestration when it came to this jaw-dropping project in Arundel. The combination of T bars, slim, dark frames and satin chrome accessories create just the right look.

Achieving such an exceptional appearance did not mean that performance had to be compromised. The 24mm insulated glass units are not only argon filled, but also include a Silverstar E glass coating. Chosen for its thermal insulation layers which lower both the thermal loss of the glass and energy consumption while allowing high light transmission.

Our client explained the project and her experience of Clement Windows:

“When we finally made our decision to modify and extend our 16th century, Grade II building, we knew that we had a challenge on our hands. We owed it to the history and unique position of the existing premises to choose first class materials and workmanship.

Our brief to the architect was that we really needed to maximise natural light as my husband has sight issues. The building faces north, north east so this was going to be really tricky. The windows were going to be big!

The search for the best then began and luckily some clients of ours recommended Clement Windows. We visited the showroom, liked what we saw and began the design and surveying process. The quality of the steel, the finish and the fit were head and shoulders above anything else that we had looked at. We wanted an unfussy, minimalist profile inside and out. Simple lines and workmanship one could trust. Clement ticked all the boxes.

A few months later the team showed up to fit the glass. We did have certain logistical issues relating to access but these were overcome with good planning. At the end of two weeks, we had a home! The installation of the glass transformed a building site into an incredible, light-filled architectural space that then became the most stunning home we could ever have dreamed of living in.”

The project was a Sussex Heritage Trust 2021 award winner.

Private Residence - Arundel, West Sussex

Private Residence - Arundel, West Sussex

Private Residence - Arundel, West Sussex

Private Residence - Arundel, West Sussex