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Steel doors transform historic coach house

Our client was on her lunch break when she won her new home at an auction!

Her successful bid was for a former coach house and the first job was to gain permission to change the usage of this old building from commercial to residential. Although the house is not listed, the front is historically preserved, including the original windows. However, approval was given to increase the size of the existing windows, as long as a replica window system was used to be in keeping with the character of the property.

The house has been lovingly renovated both inside and out with fantastic results. Adding the series of three W20 steel door sets has allowed the open plan ground floor to be extended into the garden, creating a perfect entertaining space.

Isobel James said: “Regardless of historical protection I wouldn't have chosen any other product for my windows and doors. I wanted to embrace the property’s original features and the windows offered by Clement were the only option in my eyes both for style and feel.”

This project featured in the February 2022 issue of Period Living magazine.

Private Residence - Surrey

Private Residence - Surrey