Clement Fire Rated Steel Screens & Doors
Photographs purchased from Clifton Interiors, taken by Graham Gaunt Photography.

If you are looking for a steel door set which offers some level of fire resistance, we are able to offer a couple of options.

You can opt for our steel doors and screens which are fitted with fire resistant glass. Alternatively, you can select steel partitions or doors that come with a fire rating.

If you require fire rated doors and screens, we are excited to report that our Product Development team has recently successfully tested a new Clement fire screen and single door.

A major attraction of this fire screen is the use of only very slender profiles so avoiding the bulkiness normally associated with high performance of this type.

Please get in touch to speak to a member of the Clement team regarding your personal requirements.

Please note that a visible mark will appear on each individual pane of glass on products where fire glass is required. This is a requirement of Building Regulations. Beware of companies who tell you marking is not necessary as this may result in you having to replace the glass or change the door design in order to meet Building Regulations.


Clement Steel Doors & Screens Glazing


Clement offers a wide range of glazing options, including privacy and acoustic glass and safety toughened glass, for all of our steel doors and screens.

Clement Steel Windows Colours


We offer an exciting choice of highly durable Akzo Nobel powder paint colours. Clement Windows provide an average paint coating in excess of 100 microns on flat surfaces – the industry standard calls for 60/70 microns. Order from a wide range of RAL colours to match your windows or to complement your interior design.

Clement Windows Accessories


Browse a select range of accessories which perfectly complement our stunning steel windows, doors and screens. Carefully crafted in a number of different styles and available in a choice of colours and finishes, our range of handles and other fittings are made from the finest quality materials and manufactured with the latest technology in mind.