Clement Conservation Rooflights Sizes 0 - 3
Clement Conservation Rooflights Sizes 4 - 6 & Side Hung Escape Rooflight
Type Overall external
size *
w x h (mm)
Clear glass
size (internal) *
w x h (mm)
Between rafter
size *
w x h (mm)
kg tile
kg slate
excl VAT & delivery
TILE Price
excl VAT & delivery
Clement 0 590 x 752 332 x 444 410 x 504 29 kg 23 kg £465.00 £475.00
Clement 1 668 x 870 410 x 562 488 x 622 37 kg 30 kg £475.00 £480.00
Clement 2 668 x 1021 410 x 713 488 x 773 44 kg 34 kg £562.00 £570.00
Clement 3 818 x 1169 560 x 861 638 x 921 53 kg 45 kg £680.00 £698.00
Clement 4 972 x 1169 714 x 861 792 x 921 61 kg 51 kg £697.00 £708.00
Clement 5 1124 x 1501 866 x 1193 944 x 1253 87 kg 69 kg £790.00 £820.00
Clement 6 818 x 1804 560 x 1496 638 x 1556 80 kg 66 kg £746.00 £777.00
Side hung 960 x 1270 652 x 962 730 x 1026 60 kg 55 kg £722.00 £741.00


These prices are indicative however the final agreed price will depend on volume, ancillary items, location and other similar matters.

* Overall external size – this is the overall external size of the rooflight as it sits on top of the roof and as viewed from the outside.
* Clear glass (internal) – this is the size of the glass viewed looking from the inside out, when the rooflight is fully fitted.
* Between rafters size – this is the size between the rafters that the rooflight is fitted into.

These products are pressed steel rooflights and exclude the winder. All sizes + or -3mm.

The recommended roof pitch for all Clement rooflights is 20°- 70°.

We do not recommend our rooflights for marine environments within five miles of the coast.

For custom size rooflights you would need to provide us with dimensions for us to provide a bespoke quotation and advise on lead times.


Item Price *
300mm hand winder in brass £29.00
150mm hand winder in brass £25.00
300mm pole winder in brass £28.00
150mm pole winder in brass £20.00
300mm hand winder in chrome £33.00
150mm hand winder in chrome £27.00
300mm pole winder in chrome £32.00
150mm pole winder in chrome £23.00


Item Price *
300mm thumb winder in brass £28.00
150mm thumb winder in brass £25.00
300mm thumb winder in chrome £31.00
150mm thumb winder in chrome £28.00


Length Price *
1m £48.00
3m telescopic £69.00

* Prices excluding VAT & delivery


We offer various profiles to ensure a flush fit. Please remember to let our sales team know when ordering what profile you require, i.e. tile or slate.

Detailed fitting instructions are issued with every rooflight.

Each Clement Conservation Rooflight comes with a timber liner. This is supplied with a base coat of black primer. We recommend that you paint over this with a top coat in your chosen colour.

The standard range includes a side hung rooflight for escape purposes, but we can also supply top hung escape rooflights if required – please ask for more information.

Side Hung Escape Rooflights are available with left or right hand opening.

Escape Rooflights are not designed for continuous full opening on a regular basis.


Clement Conservation Rooflights Size & Price Guide


If you have a particular size in mind, we may have the rooflight you need already in stock! Take a look at our size guide together with indicative price information.

Clement Conservation Rooflights Accessories


Each of our rooflights requires an opening mechanism. Have a look at some of the options available.

Clement Conservation Rooflights Installation & Technical Drawings


We have put together an installation checklist with full, printable instructions, as well as technical drawings which you can download.