FINEO by AGC is the latest generation of vacuum insulating glass, combining minimal glass thickness with exceptional thermal and acoustic comfort to give you the elegance of single glazing with the insulating advantages of triple glazing.

The slim profile glass comes without a vacuum evacuation port meaning there is nothing to obstruct the view.

With very thin edge seals, this is aesthetically appealing glass which lets in more natural light.

FINEO keeps older properties warmer and quieter while maintaining the original look of the building.

Our sales representatives will be happy to discuss which of the FINEO glass products may be best for your project.

The benefits of FINEO glass are:

  • Outstanding thermal performance (U value of 0.7 W/m2.k) regardless of inclination. FINEO is 8 times more efficient than single glazing and 12.5% more efficient than a 36mm triple glazed unit.
  • More natural daylight.
  • Increased acoustic attenuation performance. 34% perceived noise reduction compared to single glazing and 18% better than double and triple glazing.
  • Harnessing free solar heat - lower energy consumption and lower emissions.
  • Ultra thin.
  • Lead-free and 100% recyclable.
  • Designed to perform for several decades.

How does FINEO compare with other glazing?



Clement Steel Windows Glazing


We offer a range of different glass options and glazing styles, from clear glass to genuine lead in an arrangement to match the pattern of your original leaded lights to the latest generation of vacuum insulating glass, FINEO by AGC. All of our metal window glazing options have superb features which faithfully replicate those of original steel windows.

Clement Steel Windows Colours


Our steel windows are hot dip galvanized and available in a choice of highly durable Akzo Nobel powder paint colours. Clement Windows provide an average paint coating in excess of 100 microns on flat surfaces – the industry standard calls for 60/70 microns. Order from a wide range of RAL colours to match your scheme or choose different colours for the inside and outside of your windows.

Clement Windows Accessories


Browse a select range of accessories which perfectly complement our stunning steel windows, doors and screens. Carefully crafted in a number of different styles and available in a choice of colours and finishes, our range of handles and other fittings are made from the finest quality materials and manufactured with the latest technology in mind.