Clement Steel Windows Glazing Options

We offer a broad range of glazing styles, all of which have superb features which faithfully replicate original steel windows. The main styles are detailed below but please contact us if the type of glass or lead you are interested in is not included here. The Technical Specifications documents for specific window ranges can be found on our Technical page.

Clear glass

Clear glass is the choice for many of our clients. With no glazing bars, clear glass allows you to maximise the natural daylight and solar gain, providing an uninterrupted view over your garden.

Opaque / obscure glass

If you require glazing that will provide privacy while still allowing natural light into a room, we offer an obscure range of glass.

Rectangular and diamond leaded

Simulated leaded light double glazed units are available in both diamond or rectangle pattern and other designs if required.

These feature real lead which is applied to the outside and inside of the outer pane of the insulated glass unit. Each junction of the horizontal and vertical leads are then soldered by hand in our workshops.

Not all companies offer this authentic finishing touch which makes all the difference to the final appearance of the window. Select either 9mm oval or 12 mm flat lead.

Genuine leaded lights

Genuine leaded lights are crafted in the traditional way since time immemorial. If required for your historic project these single glazed leaded lights can offer classic period detailing such as ‘tie bars’ and ‘copper ties’ and are suitable for property that is Listed, in a Conservation Area or AONB.

Georgian welded

In order to replicate Georgian bars, we offer multi-pane windows that use Clement’s G+ system for added authenticity. G+ uses an engineered welded steel strip fabricated in a horizontal (or horizontal and vertical) pattern to match the configuration of the original windows. The method of fabrication is proprietary to Clement.

The benefit of using the G+ range is primarily one of reduced cost, improved thermal performance and slimmer sightlines. G+ is often selected where a cottage pane style is required.

Georgian Fenestra joint

The Georgian Fenestra joint system uses welded horizontal and vertical bars to replicate the original window design. This technique, using an engineered welded strip, is unique to Clement.

Genuine T Bars

This is where a hot rolled section is made in the shape of a ‘T’ to divide the glass into multiple panes.


Clement Steel Windows Glazing


We offer five different styles of glazing, from clear glass, to genuine lead in an arrangement to match the pattern of your original leaded lights, to the G+ and Fenestra joint systems which are unique to Clement. All of these options have superb features which faithfully replicate those of original steel windows.

Clement Steel Windows Colours


Our steel windows are hot dip galvanized and available in a choice of highly durable Akzo Nobel powder paint colours. Clement Windows provide an average paint coating in excess of 100 microns on flat surfaces – the industry standard calls for 60/70 microns. Order from a wide range of RAL colours to match your scheme or choose different colours for the inside and outside of your windows.

Clement Windows Accessories


Browse a select range of accessories which perfectly complement our stunning steel windows, doors and screens. Carefully crafted in a number of different styles and available in a choice of colours and finishes, our range of handles and other fittings are made from the finest quality materials and manufactured with the latest technology in mind.