Steel Doors and Screens for Building Professionals

Steel Doors and Screens for Building Professionals

Clement manufactures a stunning range of bespoke steel doors, internal and external screens for both residential and commercial situations.

Due to its inherent strength and remarkable flexibility, steel is the ideal material for a screen or set of doors because it will last for a very long time and can be moulded into any design.

Clement steel screens and doors are generally made from EB24 or W20 sections. Available in various styles and colours and with multi point locking or a traditional mortice lock, Clement’s steel doors and frames can be matched to your windows or can be used on their own to create a unique look. All our screens and doors come with safety glass so you can rest assured that they will meet the requirements of current Building Regulations.

All our steel screens and doors can be painted the colour of your choice and provide an impeccable match to your design scheme. We offer a wide choice of fabulous Akzo Nobel powder paint colours. Akzo Nobel is rightly acknowledged as the global leader in advanced performance surface coatings. Offered with a 10 year warranty Clement provides an average paint coating in excess of 100 microns - the industry standard is 60/70 microns.


Whether you are looking for a replacement door to match a project’s existing traditional steel fenestration or something more modern, Clement Windows can help. Our bespoke new steel doors will bring the benefits of better insulation, weatherproofing and security, manufactured to your exact requirements. 

Clement offer a number of glazing options, from fire-rated glass to privacy glass and toughened glass for extra security.  Various options are also on offer when it comes to solar control or acoustic requirements.

Internal Screens and Partitions

Interior steel frames are increasingly being specified by interior designers and architects working on high end commercial development projects.

The current trend for the industrial aesthetic shows no sign of diminishing and an internal metal screen or door is the perfect architectural feature to create the feel of a room within a room, a space that is simultaneously private yet part of the wider area. The strong steel sections can be engineered to any design, while the slim sections that are only achievable with steel mean that the greatest possible area of glass is provided, allowing maximum solar gain and creating the illusion of extra space.

Internal steel screens and doors can be used in a variety of environments – as dividers for retail establishments, in premium residential developments and in recently built schools and colleges. With new, more collaborative ways of working being adopted in the 21st century, steel doors and screens are increasingly being used as internal dividers in office environments.

Internal metal and glass screens and doors will draw light into a partitioned space, flooding dark offices and boardrooms with natural daylight, while the acoustic features of the glass will mean that private meetings and discussions can still take place.

Exterior Screens and Door Sets

The use of steel externally can also make a bold statement. Dark painted external screens and door sets are increasingly being added to refurbished offices and other commercial developments allowing an abundance of natural light to flow through a space.

We offer a revolutionary, extra secure multi point locking handle system for extra security, as well as a range of restrictors, cremone bolts and other security features, all of which are offered in a variety of finishes to complement your external door screen.

As with all our steel window and door products, our interior screens, partitions and dividers are made bespoke to your specific requirements. Whatever look you are hoping to achieve, our Sales Team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Fire Rated Doors and Screens

If you require fire rated steel partitions or doors, we are excited to report that our Product Development team has recently successfully tested a new Clement fire screen and single door. A major attraction of this fire screen is the use of only very slender profiles so avoiding the bulkiness normally associated with high performance of this type. Please consult one of our sales advisors to discuss the options available.

Please get in touch to speak to a member of the Clement team regarding your project. 

Please note that a visible mark will appear on each individual pane of glass on products where fire glass is required. This is a requirement of Building Regulations. Beware of companies who tell you marking is not necessary as this may result in you having to replace the glass or change the door design in order to meet Building Regulations.

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