Cut the Curtains and Celebrate Your Metal Windows

November 26th, 2015

As experts in steel window fenestration, we have been privy to some of the most beautiful buildings to add our own touch of elegance. We know that the right windows can make a stunning difference to a property and the Clement team work hard to create a unique and stunning look for every client. Once you have added such a classic, long lasting and decorative feature to your home, it begs the question, why cover them up?

Some windows are just too beautiful to hide away, and we have a dazzling gallery of past projects to prove it!

Previous residential projects have ranged from an art deco estate in Surrey with superb curved lines, a wooden-beamed residence that once belonged to the late great Alfred Hitchcock, the awesome El Dorado in Manhattan and new builds across the UK.

Clement manufacture and install new steel windows and doors, every unique product is manufactured in our own ISO 9001 approved factory to the highest quality.

EB24 steel windows by Clement bring a modern specification with traditional looks

Prestige fenestration was once reserved for heritage and conservation owners in an elite and niche marketplace. However, metal framed windows have played a commanding part in this year’s lifestyle trends and online search queries from homeowners across the country.

modern extension wall to wall steel windows

Elegant, slim metal windows in our eyes are unparalleled to anything else on the current market. Steel windows were once replaced on mass by PVC or aluminium alternatives which do not replicate the look of steel. This trend is now in reverse with thousands of discerning home owners taking out poor plastic and aluminium windows used as replacements and fitting new steel windows. In so doing, they remove the eye-sore of badly designed replacement windows and doors and the look of their home is restored to its original glory!

clement arched steel frame windows

Black framed steel windows create a dramatic centerpiece in this bathroom. Don’t think of a beautiful window as a barrier to the outside world, but as a perfect feature to sit beside to watch the world go by.

Complementing your interior décor, light walls and furnishings with brilliant contrast.

Clement steel frames can be crafted in complimentary and bespoke shapes

Embrace any exterior finish and give your residential or commercial building curb appeal with beautiful, steel windows. The industrial trend has been a huge talking point this year: a perfect accompaniment for a sleek, steel fenestration choice.

They are a recommended choice when completing the sensitive restoration of Victorian factories and warehouses into light and airy apartments.

Perfect for modern living.

These are not the original 1930s steel windows but recent replica replacements which boast double glazed panes, a variety of powder coats and first rate secure locking systems. Plastic or aluminium windows in a home of such beauty just don’t look right!

Top tip: if you choose to leave your windows bare for all to see, opt for north facing windows which will flood the room with gentle, indirect light and won’t glare and effect your furnishings.

Today’s purpose made steel windows can offer all the advantages of modern fenestration but look exactly the same as the originals.

Match a painstakingly crafted stone window arch with an equally impressive fenestration finish for a stunning result that is sympathetic to the building’s history. Both of the above projects are Grade II Listed buildings with steel windows being fitted direct to stone.

Are you inspired by a past Clement project? Add a flourish to your home by calling Clement Windows today on 01428 643 393 to have a chat about our services and what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.