Design trends: garden rooms

June 5th, 2020

The garden room is a trend falling under an outdoor-design hybrid and has gathered pace in recent years as a desirable addition to the home to create a new, flexible space that can also add to the total house value.

Is a garden room the same as a summerhouse?

The key difference between a garden room and a summerhouse is that a summerhouse is generally only designed for use in good weather, hence its namesake. A summerhouse is not generally insulated or fitted with double glazing and so their structures tend to be fairly thin.

Garden rooms are designed for more regular, year-round use and so provide the insulation needed to ensure comfortable use in a space that you would fit out and furnish in much the same way as any room within your home.

Over the years, we’ve seen examples of garden rooms used as:

  • Home office spaces
  • Yoga studios and gyms
  • Lounge and leisure areas
  • Craft rooms
  • Garden bars

Clement Windows

Considerations for building a garden room

Do I need planning permission?

Building a garden room on your own land will not require planning permission if it falls under permitted development rights. There are several factors that will determine this, such as the height of the structure and its proximity to land boundaries, the intended use for the room and what facilities it will house.

For example, you would not be able to build a garden room without first seeking planning permission if you were intending to run your business out of the space, build a bedroom or fit it out with full plumbing. If in doubt, the best thing to do is consult your local planning authority.

Natural light and thermal efficiency

It’s important to consider the size of your garden room and how much light the room will receive. It may seem like a small decision at first, but the right windows and rooflights will maximise natural light and create stylish, contemporary spaces.

The Clement range of windows and rooflights are an ideal way of ensuring your garden room is insulated for year-round use, whilst optimising solar gain and reducing your need for artificial lighting – making the perfect environment for an office space or yoga studio. We can create beautiful products with slim sightlines that enable the largest glazed area possible, so you can enjoy the view from your new garden sanctuary.

Do you have a bespoke garden room project in mind? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help bring your ideas into fruition or request a brochure of our products.