Everything you need to know about the process of installing steel windows and doors

May 19th, 2022

At Clement, we offer a broad range of steel fenestration, from windows and doors to conservation rooflights and screens.

Carefully curated to bespoke measurements and styles and available in a selection of colours with handmade finishes, our steel products not only create light but function faultlessly.

We work with our clients to ensure a quality service is provided from start to finish, including technical drawings, manufacture and installation as well as ongoing after sales support.

covering furniture

In preparation for the installation of made-to-measure metal windows and doors, we ask clients to consider a few things, including:

  • Protecting furniture and furnishings – Our teams will provide dust sheets to protect flooring and furniture in the area, however, if clients feel that further protection is required for some pieces we suggest making additional arrangements for the covering/removal of items during the installation period.
  • Removing curtains/blinds/ornaments/paintings – In order to ensure the smooth running of installation, we would ask that clients remove all fixtures and fittings in the proximity to ensure clear access to the relevant areas ahead of installation.
  • Ensuring access points are clear – Steel fixtures come in all shapes and sizes and due to the heavy nature of your steel frames our teams will require plenty of space to access the fixture point and work to fit your custom installation seamlessly.
  • Preparing for some noise and disruption – Naturally, the process of installation can be a little bit disruptive. This will only be for a short time, however, clients will want to make arrangements to ensure the site is clear and not in use for the day (particularly if the installation is taking place in a shared space).

Once installation is complete our teams will talk clients through the specific fixtures, features and ongoing maintenance.

Following the installation process, our teams will clean the surrounding area and remove debris, however, we would ask clients to bear in mind that dust can sometimes take a while to settle, so quick dust and hoover would be useful following completion.

Working across a number of projects from traditional restoration and conservation areas to large scale commercial projects and new builds our teams are extremely skilled and experienced.

In addition to our proactive and professional installation teams, the quality of our products speaks for itself.


The advantages of steel fixtures include:

  • Improved strength and security
  • Long-life and low-maintenance
  • Versatile with a slimline aesthetic
  • Strong thermal performance
  • Made from recycled steel

White EB24 fenestra joint

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