Finding the perfect rooflight for your property

November 29th, 2021

Clement specialises in the manufacture of custom-made steel windows, doors and screens and has applied this expertise in steel fenestration to develop a range of high-quality rooflights that are regularly specified by architects and conservation officers as complementary additions to your home.

Our conservation rooflights are modern reproductions of Victorian originals.  Available in eight standard sizes, we can also supply bespoke rooflights. Clement rooflights come in two profiles, one for slate roofs and another for tile, so we are sure to have a solution for your heritage project.

Rooflights with Clement

Clement Conservation Rooflights can be linked together to bring even more light into your property.

Clement Conservation Rooflights have been awarded an ‘A+’ Window Energy Rating by the British Fenestration Rating Council.

The rooflights are manufactured to ISO 9001 enabling us to deliver a high-end product that will help you achieve a sustainable home, in keeping with the character of your property.

The advantages of Clement Conservation Rooflights include:

Rooflights for different roofing types

We are the only rooflight provider to offer different profiles of rooflight to ensure the best possible look for your roof project.

Unique design perfect for conservation projects

Each one of our rooflights is silicone fronted, giving the appearance of traditional putty glazing. Our range of rooflights is regularly specified for conservation and heritage projects because of their close match to the Victorian originals. 

High-performance materials

Clement rooflights have been expertly engineered from start to finish.

Made to EN ISO 9001 standards, our rooflights have recently been rigorously tested against air, wind and rain to BS6375.

We have also obtained a BFRC Window Energy Rating of A+ and can confirm that our rooflights have a whole unit U-Value of 1.5Wm2K in accordance with EN ISO 10077-2:2021 giving you outstanding thermal performance.

Sustainable living

With an A+ window energy rating, our conservation rooflights are positively contributing to eco-friendly living. Not only are you helping to save the planet, but subsequently saving money.

Affordably priced

We offer fantastic prices for comparable rooflights. Call us on 01428 643393 to discuss what we can do for you.

Rooflight image 2

This photo shows how perfectly Clement rooflights lay flush with the roofline.

At Clement, we pride ourselves on the production of high-quality products and we are committed to meeting the ever-changing demands of clients and the wider industry and developing innovative products that are visually stunning yet attain the exacting standards of Building Regulations.

Find out more about our extensive range of bespoke services, contact us now. Alternatively, you can browse our gallery of high-quality conservation rooflights and hear what some of our clients have to say.