Key interior design trends for 2020

March 12th, 2020

At Clement Windows, we get excited about all things design and interiors, and especially love seeing how our steel screens and steel windows come together to make a beautiful home.

With this in mind, we’re taking a look at some of the key trends for interiors and design in 2020.

Interior Design by Cherie Lee Interiors, photography by Ray Main


Stripped back walls and muted palettes

We’ve seen quite a resurgence in plaster and limewash wall finishes over recent months. Paired with the ongoing trend of natural materials such as rattan furniture and linen or crocheted accessories, the stripped back look creates a breezy, Venetian feel in spaces.

Key colours: Think blush pinks, spiced honeys and soft greys.

A space for socialising

Fans of interior design are increasingly taking inspiration from the social spaces they frequent, such as coffee shops, bars and restaurants, so it’s no surprise that there has been a swing towards creating spaces within the home that are great for socialising and entertaining.

Steel screens and partitions are a great way of opening up spaces that have been previously separate and encouraging easy movement between rooms, as well as for maximising the natural light flooding into the rooms you regularly socialise in.

Take a look at this stunning example of open plan living with our Clement EB24 steel screen and door range in a private residence in London.

Bold floor to ceiling style

A somewhat controversial trend in its divisive nature; some love it, some hate it and others are too nervous to attempt it: the painted ceiling. But remember, paint isn’t permanent!

Have a look at this example of how a dramatic ceiling colour is balanced with contrasting white walls, walnut wood and soft lighting to achieve a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

Have you been inspired by some of these trends and colour palettes? Get in touch with us if you’ve got some ideas that you need help bringing to life.