Natural light: Clement steel screens make your space a great place to work

Wellbeing in the work place is fast becoming a hot topic, with employees increasingly placing it higher on the priority list than many other perks of the job. As wellbeing has a direct correlation to both productivity and creativity, it is not something that should be ignored by employers or employees.  Having recently installed our stunning steel framed doors and screens into a revamped office in Fleet Street where wellbeing was top of the agenda, we have been reflecting on how our interior screens really can make a difference and your office will be transformed into a great place to work.





There have been endless studies into the importance of natural light and the positive physical and mental impact it has on employees.  On average, office workers who work in spaces with plenty of natural light sleep 46 minutes longer than those who don’t.  Those exposed to a little sunlight with some added greenery around the office have also been found to be 15% more creative.  What’s more, potential employees are actually on the look out for well lit spaces, with many citing their workplace environment as a number one priority.

As Clement learned during the Fleet Street project, maximising natural light in corporate spaces isn’t always easy, especially in old, dark office buildings with areas that are necessarily segmented. This is where internal glazed steel screens can really make a positive change for the good, creating the illusion of more light and a sense of airiness.  Of course, the larger the window, the more benefit you’ll gain in the way of natural light, but for large, broken up spaces, metal screens help to maximise the light available, allowing it to flow through to every corner.

A couple of years ago, specialist supplier of handmade artisan tiles, Bert & May, approached us to manufacture a steel and glass framed dividing window and door for its offices in Bethnal Green.  Separating its working offices from the warehouse space and enabling the flow of light throughout, the steel screen is made from W20 sections and 6.4mm laminated glass units then powder coated in Anthracite Grey.

Incorporating double doors into a screen such as this means workers have the choice of closing off the space when greater privacy is required or opening both doors out wide and creating one big collaborative working space that is filled with as much light as possible – what could be better for wellbeing than that!

Making your space a great place to work can start with something as simple as installing an interior steel screen.  If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.