New Clement Conservation Rooflights brochure available now

April 26th, 2024

Clement’s conservation rooflights brochure has been revamped and is now available to view online or to order.

Clement Conservation Rooflights new brochure image.

The new brochure includes more information about and photographs of the Clement conservation rooflights range and is designed to match our other brochures about steel windows and doors.  A size chart and current price list is also included.

What sets Clement’s heritage rooflights apart is that they are manufactured in two different profiles to suit tile and slate roof types and this gives the best appearance possible as it means the rooflight will sit flush with the line of the roof.

Our standard range of conservation rooflights is available from stock for delivery within a matter of days and we also offer made to measure rooflights.  They not only look fantastic but have achieved a BFRC Window Energy Rating of A+, which is an excellent result for wind, rain and air testing.

Read more about our conservation rooflights range. We also provide installation instructions  and you can peruse some recent case studies.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss your personal requirements.