Finding the right blinds for your new conservation rooflights

August 4th, 2022

Finding the perfect blinds for your new Clement Conservation Rooflights shouldn’t be an afterthought. While rooflights are often installed to increase the amount of light in a space, during the night or periods of hot weather it is important to be able to restrict the amount of light entering your home too.


So firstly, what are conservation rooflights and how are they different to standard rooflights?

While boasting similarities to a standard roof window, conservation rooflights are more traditional in appearance.  They usually have a black external finish, a glazing bar running down the middle of the glass and the window itself sits flush with the roofing material giving a sleek, seamless finish, something which is often required by Conservation Officers for refurbishment projects.

Clement Conservation Rooflights are replicas of Victorian originals.  Clement is the only company to offer two profiles of conservation roof windows, one for a thicker roof, pantiles for example, and another for thinner materials such as slate, ensuring a flush finish, no matter the roof type.

A rooflight from our standard range may not always be what everyone is looking for, so we also offer bespoke skylights to meet your exact needs. Check out our full range of conservation rooflights here.


Finding the perfect blinds

When looking for the perfect blinds we recommend a company called Blinds by Elegance.  

Specialising in custom-made blinds made specifically for Clement Conservation Rooflights, the blinds from Blinds by Elegance are pleated and come in two ranges of cellular fabric – one blackout fabric for total darkness, perfect for a great night’s sleep, and a translucent fabric – both of which are available in a range of 16 colours

Blinds by Elegance offer competitive prices for bespoke, made to measure blinds. For translucent fabric, their prices range from just £115.50 to £225, and for blackout fabric prices range from £137.50 to £260.

Are you interested in finding out more about how our bespoke services can benefit your property? Why not get in touch. 

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