Clement’s RIBA CPD Seminar about the history of steel windows sees a record year in 2022

April 13th, 2023

The RIBA CPD Seminar presented by Clement Windows Group and entitled ‘Steel Windows – A New Generation’ saw record attendance last year.

During 2022, Clement presented the CPD to 35 separate architectural practices reaching more than 500 individual architects overall.

The RIBA accredited CPD which covers the history of the steel window, its importance in architecture over the last century and the role of steel windows in relation to legislation, the environment and sustainability now and in the future, is available to architects, specifiers, designers and conservation specialists.  It lasts around an hour and is generally presented over MS Teams.

Some of the feedback received from attendees has included the comments “It was one of the most captivating and passionate CPDs I have had the pleasure of sitting through” and “We had very good reviews all round for not only the CPD but also the presenter who made it very enjoyable to listen to”.

Clement also presents the CPD as part of RIBA’s CPD Provider Hour programme.  More information can be accessed here.

If you think you or your practice would benefit from the listening to the CPD you can book here.