Conservation Rooflights: Your questions answered

July 19th, 2018

Below are the top five questions most frequently asked of our busy Rooflights department, to which we have added answers to ease the process of choosing and purchasing a Clement Conservation Rooflight.

Of course, if there is anything further that you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide further information.

Interior shot of rooflights

Do you offer bespoke rooflights, or only the standard sizes advertised?

We understand that sometimes our standard sizes are not what you are looking for and therefore, we also offer a bespoke service. This means you can contact us with your specific measurements and other specifications and we will tailor-make a rooflight to meet them.

With the bespoke option we also offer fixed shut rooflights, a range of glazing options – for example obscured glazing, or you may wish for the glazing bar to be removed – and a broad range of RAL colours so that you can coordinate your bespoke rooflight with your interior design scheme.

What are the lead times when ordering Clement Conservation Rooflights?

Once you have placed your order for a standard Clement Conservation Rooflight, delivery will generally take place within three and five working days. However, if you require your rooflights to be delivered to you sooner than this, we can usually arrange this for you, as all standard sized rooflights detailed on our website are kept in stock.

Manufacturing a bespoke rooflight is a longer process and lead times will vary according to the individual project requirements. Please speak to a member of the sales team for more information.

Who can install your rooflights?

Please note that the Clement Conservation Rooflight is a supply only product.

Installing a rooflight is a specialist job so it is important that you consult a Chartered Builder or Surveyor before undertaking your project. Installation instructions come with every rooflight purchased; however, as every roof is different these cannot be detailed.

We do not recommend installers, however, A&J Building (South East) are a local company that have experience of installing our products and can be contacted on 01428 604658.

Are Clement Conservation Rooflights installed on the rafter or between the rafters?

Clement Conservation Rooflights are installed between the rafters.

To conform to building regulations, there must be a double rafter either side of the opening that the rooflight is going to be placed in. Please note that the size of our standard rooflights detailed on the website is the size of the clear structural opening between the rafters that the rooflight must fit into.

The above may not be relevant in all applications, so please do ensure you have taken professional advice concerning any current building regulations before you embark on a specific project.

Do you make linked rooflights?

As long as you have supporting rafters, our standard rooflights can be positioned next to each other horizontally. It is not possible to position them vertically because of technical issues.

We also manufacture bespoke rooflights for a space measuring a maximum of 944 mm wide and 1556 mm high, or the landscape equivalent. Again, these can also only be positioned next to each other horizontally. If your space is greater than these measurements, unfortunately we will not be able to offer bespoke rooflights to fit.

If you have further questions about our rooflights, have a look at our FAQs page or get in touch with the team today.