A room with a view

June 22nd, 2018

Updated February 2021

Steel windows provide the perfect frame, whether it’s a view of your garden or another part of the house. The incredibly slim frames, which are only possible with hot rolled mild steel, allow for large expanses of glass and make the outlook seem almost transparent. Have a look at some of the projects we have picked out below and you’ll see just what we mean.

A room with a view

As well as providing slender frames, new steel windows are extremely strong and durable and require minimal maintenance. Whatever the project, a listed building in a conservation area or a contemporary warehouse refurbishment, there is a steel window to suit your requirements. What’s more, steel windows are made from recycled steel source material, can increase the security of your property and provide high thermal performance and weatherproofing.

A view of the pool

Believe it or not, the indoor pool and home gym shown below sits within the basement of a private home in London! Basements can be dark and enclosed spaces, but the installation of Clement W20 and EB24 steel windows and doors fills the area with natural light flood to create a welcoming space.

Steel windows used to separate a gym and indoor pool

The perfect courtyard

We love the way our strong steel screens have been used to create this bright and airy courtyard space within a private home in Chelsea, London.

Steel screens with a courtyard view

A view of the garden

This London home uses a suite of bespoke Clement EB24 screens to create an open kitchen, dining and social space that extends out onto the well-loved garden, enabling it to be appreciated from both indoors and outdoors.

Interior Architecture by Richard Dewhurst

Room partitions

Using steel screens to divide rooms enables greater flexibility in how the space is used, without having to sacrifice privacy.

The perfect spot to sit and read

Revitalising this 1930s property, Clement’s EB24 and W20 window and door ranges highlight just how much natural light can be captured – creating a dreamy nook for a spot of afternoon reading.

The Maple Building, Kentish Town

An inviting place to share a bite

The use of Clement steel windows and screens within this home creates a bright and inviting area for dining and socialising which blends seamlessly with the adjoining living space. As more homeowners move towards multifunctional spaces, elegant steel frames can be used to open up environments which can also be closed off when some time alone is required.

Want to create a room with a view? Clement Windows’ bespoke steel frames can be configured into most designs and we will be happy to advise you, so call us on 01483 643393 or click here to request a brochure.