Love Your Windows: 10 Benefits of Clement EB24 Steel Windows

April 29th, 2016

Spring sunshine is here which means it’s time to get outdoors again and start admiring our houses. What better way to maximise your property’s curb appeal by remodelling your windows before the spring and summer party season is in full swing?

The Clement EB24 high performance steel window range is a versatile and elegant best selling fenestration solution for property and business owners across the UK. The EB24 range is frequently specified by architects for Listed Buildings, houses in Conservation Areas, traditional homes and heritage projects and large scale commercial schemes.


Here are the top ten reasons our clients chose the EB24 range:


EB24 was developed to match the appearance of original steel windows.  Its versatility complements the wide range of architectural styles that make up the UK property industry, and its slim sight lines and elegant look mean that architects often specify EB24 for new build projects.


EB24 windows comply with Building Regulations. Their high energy efficient standards limit the amount of thermal heat lost to the elements, which means that homeowners and workers can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment all year round.

Energy efficient

Save on your household bills by replacing tired, dated windows with highly efficient units, like the EB24 range. These products can achieve up to a B WER thermal energy rating, one of the highest standards on the market.


Rather than focus on how to dress your window for a beautiful finish, make a style statement with slim, elegant EB24 windows. Thin, steel sight lines ensure the range is a perfect choice for historical work and new builds while delivering 21st century performance.


Clement steel windows exceed the current levels required by national Building Regulations and we are committed to the development of recycled steel windows to provide a high quality but eco-conscious service. The natural state of steel creates a perfect construction material that can be used time and time again, without the need for continuous maintenance to sustain its condition.



Every EB24 window equals or exceeds the latest insulation, weatherproofing and security requirements. The range comes with a multi-point locking system to meet modern household security standards, which is why we recommend the replacement of old steel windows with stronger, more efficient units.

Low maintenance

The latest frame finishes, using hot zinc and polyester powder coat paints, reduce the need for constant maintenance. Steel frames provide longevity, durability and strength that cannot be replicated by alternative construction materials. Due to their strength, hot dip galvanised steel frames will often outlive the original building.

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Styled to suit your project

All Clement products, including EB24, display how this robust and long living material can be transformed into stunning examples of elegant fenestration. EB24 windows can be tailored to suit the style of your property or workplace with a choice of RAL colours, and finishes, from gloss to matt.

Made by Clement

All Clement Windows products are made to the highest quality in our own ISO 9001 approved factory. The majority of our work is repeat business or from recommendation by a variety of clients both in the UK and overseas. Clement clients know they cannot get a better steel window anywhere else, and with several members of staff boasting more than 35 years’ experience working with steel and metal windows, we cannot be beaten on choice, quality or expertise for replacement of steel windows.

For more information about EB24 installation and the Clement Windows service, please arrange a meeting with the team, or contact us on 01428 643393 or