Secure Your Home with Metal Windows

June 28th, 2016

EB24 steel metal window multi point locking systemIn any home, safety and security are always of the utmost importance. Windows are one of the most important factors in securing your home but are all too often overlooked in favour of other security systems. Windows are often the most fragile, and therefore easiest, points of entry for unwelcome visitors in your home.

With this in mind, it is important to make sure that your metal windows are up to scratch when it comes to security.

Why are metal windows more secure?

Steel is an inherently strong metal so resists any attempts to break the frame. On top of this, steel or metal glazing bars can be added to the glass itself. This not only adds a stunning finish but also increases the security of your windows manifold. Glazing bars will ensure that rather than breaking the whole of the window, a potential intruder is only able to break a small section of the window so barring their entry.

How can Clement help?

Clement are experts in replicating existing metal windows whatever the style. Our wide selection of metal windows are equipped with multi point locking to enhance and maximise security whether windows are being replaced in a heritage property or fitted into a new build. Our multi point locks, combined with double glazing and our incredibly strong, durable steel window frames make for one of the most secure windows you can buy.

We have a variety of different metal window ranges to secure any property:

EB20 and EB24

Our EB20 and EB24 ranges have been designed specifically to cater for period properties, where a traditional metal window is required, although they can be suitable for new builds as well. Both of these window ranges come with the option to include multi point locking systems as well as being double glazed for maximum security. For even more protection glazing bars can also be added.

eb24 steel window security features


The W40 metal window range is ideal for larger commercial projects and has exceptionally strong and robust frames. This range is also compatible with the multi-point locking system and various glazing options.

W40 floor to ceiling steel window

All Clement Windows products are made to the highest quality in our own ISO 9001 approved factory so we can guarantee the durability and reliability of our windows. Our windows adhere to BS 7950, the specification for enhanced security performance of windows for domestic applications.  The majority of our work is repeat business or from recommendation and Clement clients know they cannot get a better steel window anywhere else.  Much of our work is exported to North America.

For more information about window security, installation and the Clement Windows service, please arrange a meeting with the team by calling us on 01428 643 393 or emailing us at