Space Saving Solutions With Interior Screens and Doors

April 5th, 2016

Space saving tips and techniques have become staple design features online and in print to provide modern living solutions for homeowners. Light, bright touches can make a difference to the way we feel inside a space, but after years of experience inside residential and commercial buildings, the Clement Windows team feel that many homeowners are missing a trick!

Photograph supplied by Cherie Lee Designs, photography by Ray Main

Alongside those tweaks that can invite more light into the home – neutral colours, mirrors, etc – breathe new life into your interior by tackling the most dominant interior feature: the walls. If you have taken the time to design every room to a perfect finish but still feel like you lack enough space and natural light to feel truly comfortable, you can solve the problem by replacing bulky, divisive bricks and mortar with stylish glass screen and door features that will make you want to stay at home all day.

All images featured in the piece were taken inside a stunning 2015 residential project in Hertfordshire designed by Cherie Lee Interiors.

Photograph supplied by Cherie Lee Designs, photography by Ray Main

Clement case study:

We were thrilled to be contacted by Cherie Lee, director of Cherie Lee Interiors after Cherie had seen Clement screens featured in lifestyle and design publications, such as Livingetc.

It quickly became apparent that Cherie admired the industrial style and a suite of W20 steel frames in matt black grey were chosen to create dramatic interior features throughout the home. Clement worked closely alongside Cherie and her building inspector to tailor each steel screen design to suit all requirements.

As a provider of classic, high quality interior design, which utilises the latest industry trends to great effect, we knew that the collaboration with Cherie Lee Interiors would create an amazing finish inside the property. The use of internal steel screens added a cohesive, striking look that connected each tasteful room and complemented existing furnishings. The large glass structures also allowed maximum solar light to flood into every room to brighten and maximise space, turning an already large home into a unique, extensive living area.

The client is very happy with the final result that was completed in autumn of 2015.

Photograph supplied by Cherie Lee Designs, photography by Ray Main

The year of the steel screen has deservedly arrived and has made its elegant mark on the industry. Our philosophy when replacing traditional interior and exterior fenestration work is to maintain the original design as much as we can, but occasionally, we are presented with the opportunity to flex our creative fingers and demonstrate why flexible, versatile steel is the best material on the market for replacements and fresh design features.

Photograph supplied by Cherie Lee Designs, photography by Ray Main

Stylish steel framed interior screens and doors provide the “wow factor” in your home and the perfect, stylish, space saving solution. If this set of brilliant images have inspired your next design idea, contact Clement Windows today by calling us on 01428 643393 to discuss how to add these beautiful and bespoke pieces into your property.

May 2016 be the year you really make a difference to the look of your home!