Complement Current Design Trends With Metal Windows and Screens

January 22nd, 2016

The most current interior design trends have displayed a vibrant mix of eclectic but tasteful styles that can be easily transferred into any residential and commercial space. We discuss how metal windows, doors and screens can be used to complement, or strategically contrast, a finished design to bring a room to life.

Photograph supplied by Cherie Lee Designs, photography by Ray Main

Mixed Metals

mixed metals

Big name designers, like ex-Dragons Den judge, Kelly Hoppen, and American designer, Thom Filicia, have mixed warm and cool metals this year in a strategic layered effect to create risky but stylish interior finishes, coinciding with a boost in popularity for metal framed glass products. Owners of city pads, like this London home in Clapham, have used a blend of metals and glasswork to incorporate contemporary products into their homes, with an industrial aesthetic that reflects the urban setting outside.

Designer favourite colours

Colour trends come and go, but designers this year have tended to opt for classic palettes and timeless colour splashes. Some have used dashes of Mediterranean blue and 60s-inspired olive and orange as feature colours, while others, like the design team at The Telegraph, have cited midnight blue and grey as staple winter colours this year. As ever, light pastels have also been the rage: light aqua blue, pinks and purples.

Clement Windows products are available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit different exteriors and interiors. Like our steel framed window ranges, which are suited to different property requirements, we tailor each window finish to complement a property.

Lateral living

clement_lateral living

Photograph supplied by Cherie Lee Designs, photography by Ray Main

More of us are living in lateral flats, especially in dense cities. Demand for dividers and screens has increased this year as an increasing number of us find new and interesting ways to break up a sidelong space. Clement Windows has noticed a rise in UK demand for metal framed glass products in the residential and commercial markets to ease lateral life, a trend which we expect will rise further in 2016 and beyond.

Tiny tremendous

Certain interior design trends emerge as answers to modern living issues. As land values in the UK rise, as do property prices, Britons have found creative ways to live within increasingly tight spaces around the country. If you have a small home, there are a few staple rules that give the illusion of space, for example installing large windows and painting your interiors light, airy colours that beautifully bounce natural light around a room. Why not go one step further by introducing slim, interior glass screens and doors rather than chunky brick and wood to add square meters of interior space?

We’ll be discussing how interior glass doors and screens can open out a small space soon, with beautiful images of our latest screen work to boot, so stay tuned!

Collaborative commercial design


Photograph supplied by Cherie Lee Designs, photography by Ray Main

Room dividers shouldn’t be restricted to residential homes. According to, business giants, such as Google and Dropbox, encourage open office designs that prompt team collaboration and a flow of fresh ideas between departments. The team at Bert and May recognised that one of the best ways to boost communications in the workplace was opt for strong but sleek metal framed glass doors, rather than solid brick. They did so in their office in East London with the use of Clement Anthracite Grey W20 steel sections in 2015.

A contemporary clash

Hot design eras in 2015 were the swinging 60s, 80s and a touch of the roaring 20s left over from the art deco craze following the 2013 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby. All three design eras can be given a contemporary tweak to either complement or contrast, particularly 60s design, a decade that was in the midst of the industrial, brutalist architecture era.

2015 may be over but its biggest design trends are here to stay. Make an early statement this year and enjoy cosy, winter nights inside your home with the help of Clement Windows. Call us on 01428 643 393 or email us at for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.