Top tips for buying steel screens

June 22nd, 2018

As steel screens continue to surge in popularity in a variety of setting, from room dividers and doors onto the garden in residential properties to office partitions and industrial-style glazing in commercial settings, we thought the time was right to draw your attention to the most important things to look out for when buying steel screens.

Steel screens with a courtyard view


Screens made from premium hot rolled mild steel will provide you with unbeatable slender frames and the largest areas of glass. There are many lookalike products out there, but none but steel will give the same strength, longevity and versatility, so make sure you buy from a reputable source. Look out for an ISO 9001 registered manufacturing company to ensure premium standards are being adhered to.

The team at Clement have many years’ experience in the steel fenestration industry and we are confident that we only offer the highest standard products. Read our Testimonials page and you’ll see how our customers comment time and again on the quality of our steel frames.

Hot dip galvanising

Hot dip galvanising is a process which involves coating steel in a layer of zinc by immersing the steel in a bath of molten zinc heated to a temperature of around 450°C. This provides the steel with protection from harsh environments.

If your steel screens have not been hot dip galvanised they will not resist corrosion. Hot dip galvanising will extend the lifetime of the steel meaning your screens will keep their good looks for years to come. Your screens will also require minimal maintenance as a result of this process.

Clement screens are available hot dip galvanised meaning they are easy to keep clean and will perform perfectly for many years!

Polyester powder coating

One of the best things about steel screens is that they can be painted the colour of your choice and provide an impeccable match to your design scheme.

Clement steel screens are available in a choice of fabulous Akzo Nobel powder paint colours. Akzo Nobel is rightly acknowledged as the global leader in advanced performance surface coatings.  Offered with a 10 year warranty, Clement windows provide an average paint coating in excess of 100 microns – the industry standard is 60/70 microns.


Modern glass is superior in so many ways when compared to glazing of the past. A number of glazing options should be available when buying steel screens, from fire-rated glass to privacy glass and toughened glass for extra security. Various options are also on offer when it comes to solar control or acoustic requirements.

At Clement, the inclusion of only superior glass units incorporating the latest thermal barriers and weatherproofing result in high performing frames that will reduce your energy bills.

Please note that while most windows will not require one, a visible mark will appear on each individual pane of glass on door products or where safety toughened glass is required. This is a requirement of building regulations and customers would need to seek building control dispensation in order to remove this. Beware of companies who tell you marking is not necessary as this may result in you being dissatisfied with the end product. You may even have to replace the glass or change the door design in order to meet building regulations.


Finding the right accessories for your screen is an important consideration. Clement source only quality fixtures and fittings, including those by well-known hardware manufacturers, Frank Allart.

We offer a revolutionary, extra secure multi point locking handle system for extra security, as well as a range of restrictors, cremone bolts and other security features, all of which are offered in a variety of finishes.

Steel screen and door in a workshop environment


Purchasing a steel screen is a big decision and you want to get it right. At Clement we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your purchase is exactly as it should be, but we are also pleased to offer a HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) to the majority of homeowners when purchasing our products. Our standard warranty is for 10 years. Please refer to our web site for more information.


One way to establish whether the company you are procuring your steel screen from has all the right credentials is to check their accreditations.

Clement steel screens are manufactured generally in compliance with BS 6510, hot dip galvanised to EN ISO BS:1461 and with a polyester powder coat finish to BS EN 13438, and our factories are ISO 9001 accredited. We are certificated by a number of organisations as you can see if you click here.

Beware of imitations

Always make sure you inspect a sample before buying. Some alternative products, such as aluminium, claim to have slim sight lines, but when you see them in the flesh you will see they are not as thin as steel.

Look for a company who will be able to help you from start to finish. At Clement, we take pride in being with you every step of the way.

Clement Windows

Thinking about including steel screens in your project? We have been making steel screens since they first became fashionable and can offer a mine of useful advice and information to guide you through the process of crafting and installing a bespoke steel screen.  Contact Clement Windows today for further information and prices.