What are today’s buyers looking for in new homes?

July 29th, 2020

Throughout the lockdown period, the majority of households have had to get used to spending a lot of time at home, causing many to reflect on the things they’d be looking for in their next property.

According to a Rightmove survey earlier in June 2020(1), 39% of buyers have reassessed their priorities as a result of the pandemic, with 63% wanting a larger garden or access to garden space and 43% looking for a bigger home in general. Furthermore, similar research conducted by Zoopla found that 22% of house hunters would prioritise a home office space (rising to 35% for those aged between 35-49) and 21% see lower household running costs as a ‘must-have’(2).

So, whether you’re looking to make the move to your next home or are considering taking on a home improvement project to get more from your current space, we’ve pulled together some inspiration to help get you started.

Maximising garden space

Not all properties will be blessed with a huge expanse of garden space, but there are still ways of maximising the spaces you have and creating a more seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

This stunning Victorian home in Fulham makes clever use of our Clement EB24 steel windows and W20 steel doors to flood the kitchen space with natural light and open right out onto a terrace. Transforming two spaces in one, it brightens what can sometimes be a dark and narrow-feeling space within Victorian properties, whilst opening the garden space up to be enjoyed year round.


Lower household running costs

For many households spending more time living and working within the same space, energy efficiency and household running costs have become a big focus, with appliances and utilities such as central heating in use more throughout the day.

If you find your home doesn’t retain heat, reviewing your doors and windows can be a simple change that will go on to save money in the long run. The longevity of steel and its robust, super sturdy framing, engineered to take the ‘bumps’ out of everyday living, together with glass that can deliver a thermally efficient 1.2 u value and weatherproofing technology, will ensure exactly this throughout your home.

Creating office spaces

With many of us working from spare rooms and at kitchen counters, the desire for a dedicated home office space has risen sharply over the last few months.

Clement Rooflights

Photography supplied by Amazing Productions and taken by Daniela Exley.

If you’re short on additional space, there are still ways you can create a separate workspace within the rooms you have. Steel screens and doors are a stunning option for creating different ‘zones’ within the home, giving you the option to open up rooms when you want to or privacy when you need it.

Alternatively, that little section of attic space that you didn’t know what to do with before might just lend itself to a peaceful home office or studio. See how this private residence in Birmingham implemented our Clement 5 rooflights within a landing space to create an entirely new area for studying.

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