Benefits of Clement Conservation Rooflights

June 25th, 2015

Clement are renowned for superior products, designed to enhance your home. Our conservation rooflights are not only in keeping with the exterior of character properties but they also add that extra decorative touch and brighten up the darkest of interiors in a conservation or heritage home throughout the year. Here is a quick guide to the benefits of our conservation rooflights.

Benefits of Clement Conservation Rooflights

A new standard in design quality

Clement Windows are the only conservation rooflight company to provide a profile that is specific to your roof type.  This will ensure the fitted rooflight looks in keeping with your traditional property. Whether you have a tile or slate roof, we have a rooflight designed to lie flush with your roof line enabling you to achieve the very best look.

There are eight stock sizes of rooflight available which we can generally deliver the very next day, however, Clement conservation rooflights can now also be made bespoke to fit seamlessly into your project if our other standard sizes do not meet your requirements. Standard features, such as double glazed, self-cleaning glass provide convenience and comfort that make our everyday lives that much easier.

Our revolutionary new warm T bar system means not only do our rooflights look beautiful but also they are less prone to leaks and drafts. As standard all our rooflights have a glazed centre pane U Value of 1.1, increasing thermal performance!

High quality performance

The current BS 6375 standard requires all windows, rooflights and glass doors to be tested against typical weather conditions in a test chamber. Samples are tested against static pressure conditions, air flow, water flow, deflections, temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. These extensive product assessments ensure that your fitting will deliver high-quality performance year after year – our rooflights passed these tests with flying colours!

Eco-friendly features

All Clement steel products are made from recycled material.  Steel is recycled more than any other material making it incredibly environmentally friendly. Its inherent strength means that steel products could easily outlive the building they are fitted into.  Clement steel rooflight frames are coated in polyzinc and polyester powder paint to achieve extra longevity.

Reduced energy bills

Energy used in our homes accounts for almost a third of total energy use in the UK. Rooflights are an easy way to combat a lack of natural light in a new design to brighten any space; from a sprawling heritage site to a modest new build. Natural daylight reduces dependence on artificial light and heating in your home and can promote a positive sense of well-being and productivity. Happier bills, happier homeowners: the rooflight effect.

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