New Clement Escape Rooflights

March 14th, 2022

Clement is delighted to announce an addition to its bespoke conservation rooflights offering.

Clement Escape Rooflights

Clement Escape Rooflights example

The side hung escape roof window is available as one of our standard options, but top hung escape skylights can now also be supplied as a bespoke option.

As with all Clement rooflights, you will be able to choose whether you require a tile or slate profile.  The tile profile is recommended for thicker roof types and the slate for slimmer roof types and picking the right one will ensure a flush finish.

Escape conservation rooflights come fitted with gas struts which means the window will easily open when you release the pin on the winder.  However, please note that they are not designed for continuous full opening on a regular basis.

Our bespoke rooflights naturally have longer delivery times as we have to manufacture them to your design, however, all our standard stock rooflights are available really quickly – sometimes delivery can even be arranged for the next day!

You can view our size and price guide here for quick delivery AND competitive prices!

Please call us on 01428 643393 to discuss your project or you can use our contact form.  Our friendly sales team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Clement Escape Rooflights example

Clement Escape Rooflights example