Steel Framed Doors and Screens Become Fresh Talking Points in Design

Ornate steel doors and screens have moved out of the cold and into homes across the UK in 2015. Architects and designers are now using these glass points of interest to enhance residential and commercial spaces while creating innovative spaces that create an illusion of accessibility and openness.


Although the pioneering production process dates back to 1856, steel windows gained popularity during the 1930s and have adorned buildings in the UK ever since. Due to its malleability, durability and strength, steel quickly overtook timber windows as the most popular fenestration choice. Designers could incorporate the frames into any curved design like never before. As a result, this quickly gave birth to elegant Art Deco buildings and strong, geometric forms during the Cubism movement.

Today, flexible steel framed glass details are perfect to support the mish-mash of construction and interior design trends that emerge every year. While steel frames have remained a staple amongst architects, the resurgence of steel partitions is an exciting chapter that the Clement team are all excited by. Not only are steel frames a great choice in any construction, the use of thin, lightweight glass to separate living spaces can maximise areas inside smaller properties by flooding each room with natural daylight.

In a modern age where environmentally friendly products take precedent, steel has emerged as a clear favourite around the world. Steel is now North America’s leading recycled material while metal recycling in the UK is currently worth £5.6 billion. As steel can be reused an infinite amount of times, it is frequently chosen over its counterparts, such as PVC and aluminium. At Clement, we continue to work with recycled steel to produce each product and continue to develop our environmentally friendly range which meets national Building Regulations.

As part of our involvement with this popular new trend, Clement transformed the showroom of tile and wooden floor specialists, Bert and May, in London. Like all Clement products, the screens for the space were bespoke and tailored to complement the existing interior. Clement W20 steel sections in Anthracite Grey with laminated glass were used to divide the open space for a stylish finish that is now a unique feature to be admired.

The natural progression of steel framed glass from the external to internal will continue to shape interior design in the UK and beyond. Steel framed doors and screens are now a regular feature in respected lifestyle magazines and have been established as the next fashionable items to include in your home.